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Subtitles weren’t an issue, since the studios created two How to Skiptrace? versions of the animation to match the English and Chinese language tracks. And because the film is animated, the topic of the actors’ race did not come up. But the Chinese and Hollywood studios backing The Great Wall are hoping that their formula will finally crack the code. The film, backed by Universal Pictures and others, features a large cast of famous Chinese actors, including megastar Andy Lau, actress Jing Tian and boy-band heartthrob Wang Junkai. It is directed by Zhang Yimou, perhaps China’s most famous filmmaker. It prominently features an aspect of China that is also known around the world: the Great Wall. And it is being Skiptrace produced by Legendary Entertainment, a Hollywood studio that was acquired by the Chinese company Dalian Wanda earlier this year, the first time a major American production company has come under Chinese control. The film was written by Hollywood screenwriters, and it features Western stars Damon, Dafoe and Pedro Pascal, apparently in a bid to attract audiences outside China's borders. It's this aspect that has made the film so controversial in the West, where Hollywood has been increasingly under fire in recent years for racism, both explicit and implicit. That backlash was led in part by Asian American actress Constance Wu, who called out the film on social Skiptrace Pro media for “perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world”. Others said the choice revealed the assumption that the default American moviegoer is white or only prefers white actors. There is another less recognised way in which the heroism of Damon’s character, a European mercenary who ultimately helps to save China, could be seen as problematic.

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